New York, NY East 4th Street Fire, May 1885


A. Z. Gardiner, who was nearly suffocated in the burning tenement house at No. 98 East Fourth-street on Wednesday night, and was sent to Bellevue Hospital, had so far recovered yesterday afternoon that he went to his home at No. 225 East Fifth-street. Mrs. J. W. Lee, who was rescued and taken to No. 226 East Fifth-street, has been prostrated by a nervous attack, and her condition is serious. Fire Marshal Sheldon visited the burned house yesterday, and he will to-day examine Siegmund Pick, the manager of the crockery store where the fire had its origin. Piek said yesterday that owing to a failure in business the store was in the name of his wife, Pauline. He moved in with his family from No.419½ Grand-street last month. The stock was insured for $3,000 and the furniture for $2,000. Wednesday evening his family went to a picnic, and he was in the coffee saloon at Second-avenue and First-street when the fire occurred. His policies were in a drawer in a bureau in the store, and he found them there after the fire wet but intact. He said he had no idea how the fire occurred.

Sergt. Haggerty, of the Seventeenth Precinct, said, "We are waiting for the Fire Marshal to take action. We have no direct evidence, but a good deal of suspicion. The property in Piek's place appears to be fully insured. The agent of the premises considers it strang that Piek's store was closed last night long before the usual hour, 10 o'clock.

The New York Times, New York, NY 29 May 1885