Peekskill, NY drowning, Sept 1908


Hall Jumps Into Lake and Tilden Almost Drowns Attempting Rescue.

Special to The New York Times.

PEEKSKILL, N. Y., Sept. 9. - Joseph Hall, aged 18 years, was drowned in Lake Oscawana early this morning. He was employed by John N. Tilden, Jr., to run the latter's eighteen-foot launch. Mr. Tilden had been spending the Summer in the Ulich cottage, on the west side of the lake.

Just before 8 o'clock he and Hall started to go across the lake for a supply of milk. They pushed the boat off the dock. The carburetor was flooded to get a good start and it overflowed. Some of the gasoline was spilled beneath the engine, and the vapor caught fire. Tilden was in the bow of the boat. Hall was in the stern by the engine.

Evidently Hall expected an explosion, for he immediately jumped overboard. Mr. Tilden supposed of course he could swim, but when he did not come up jumped overboard after him. Tilden brought Hall to the surface, but lost his hold and Hall sank again. The second time Tilden caught him. Hall struggled so he went down again. Tilden dove again to bring him up.

Mrs. Annie Ashton, colored cook for Mr. Tilden hurried to the dock, jumped in a skiff, pushed out to the spot, and as a hand came above the water she caught it and pulled in a man who proved to be Tilden, about exhausted. But for her timely arrival he would have drowned.

The body of Hall was recovered twenty feet from the dock in twelve feet of water. Dr. henry Carey of New York, who was stopping at the Abele house, tried in vain to resuscitate Hall.

The fire in the launch was afterward extinguished with some ashes by the colored cook. The damage was less than $5.

The New York Times, New York, NY 10 Sept 1908