Saratoga, NY Auto - Train Wreck, Jul 1911


Struck by Train Near Saratoga When Motor Stopped on Crossing.

TROY, N. Y., July 19.----Four women were killed and a chauffeur seriously injured in an automobile accident at Raceville while on their way to Saratoga this afternoon.

The dead are Mrs. CHARLES WELLS, Jr., Mrs. GEORGE W. YATES, and Mrs. CHARLES GRANT of Saratoga Springs, and Mrs. F. M. ROBINSON of Boston, Mass. The chauffeur, Charles Ostrander of Saratoga Springs, had both legs and one arm broken, besides sustaining internal injuries and may not recover.

The automobile conveying the party was struck on a grade crossing by the second section of Delaware & Hudson passenger train No. 138 of the Rutland Division. The automobilists had spent the day at Williamstown, Mass., and were returning to Saratoga Springs in Mrs. GRANT's car.

Ostrander saw the train approaching and shifted his gear from low to high in and effort to get across the tracks first. In shifting the gear, however, he lost the spark and the big touring car came to a standstill in the middle of the track.

Mrs. WELLS and Mrs. GRANT were killed instantly: Mrs. ROBINSON died aboard the expired while being carried to the office of Dr. Davies at Granville.

Mrs. GRANT was the widow of the late Dr. Grant of Saratoga, and was well known socially in that village. Mrs. ROBINSON was the widow of the late Dr. Fred Robinson, and had been Mrs. GRANT's guest. Mrs. YATES had resided at the Spa for several years, but formerly lived in Brooklyn. Her husband, who is a traveling salesman, has not yet been located. Mrs. WELLS was the wife of a Saratoga druggist.

The New York Times, New York, NY 20 July 1911