Long Island, NY Steamer THAMES Fire, Apr 1930

Sixteen Dead In Ship Fire

Only Ten Members of Steamer Thames Crew Get Away Alive.

STAMFORD, Conn., April 25 (AP).---Loss of life in the burning of the steamer Thames, freighter, New York, to Bridgeport, in Long Island Sound Thursday night was fixed at sixteen Friday through the fact that only ten of the crew were saved.

Coast Guard vessels which cruised the sound near and wide all day found no signs of the missing men, or wreckage which might have given a hold for awhile to some sailor before he sank below the waves.

The hulk of the Thames, driven on a reef off Tod's Point by its own power, steered possibly by a man at the wheel who died in the enveloping flames, burned all day.

Six men drowned after the upsetting of one boat. Chief Engineer Clarence Tibbets, who was saved, saw them in the water without life belts and watched them go down one by one as he clung to the edges of the boat for an hour.

Pilot Leonard Hancourt of Bridgeport, missing, may have been in the pilot house when the fire started and stayed there to beach the craft.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 26 Apr 1930