New York, NY Fatal Street Car Wreck, Jun 1905


He Lay Pinned Under a Car Until Wrecking Wagon Arrived.

Albert Guttmann, a boy who lived at 314 East One Hundred and Nineteenth Street, was run over by a Third Avenue car last night at One Hundred and Twenty-third Street while playing in the street. He ran directly in front of the car and was caught under the forward truck. His screams could be heard for blocks, while hurry calls were sent to Harlem Hospital and to the wrecking station of the car company.

The surgeon, Dr. Dimmick, who arrived within a few minutes, crawled under the car and administered stimulants to the dying lad until the wrecking wagon arrived and the car was lifted. While the wrecking crew was lifting the car the boy would cry "Easier, easier," as the wheels lurched. After being taken from under the car he was carried to a drug store and died a few minutes.

Patrick Bauer, the motorman, was arrested, but released on bond.

The New York Times, New York, NY 14 Jun 1905