Jamaica Bay, NY Old Mill Creek drowning, Jul 1905


Mates Saw His Struggles, but Thought He Was Joking.

William Dietrich, an expert swimmer, though only fourteen years old, was drowned yesterday afternoon in Old Mill Creek, Jamaica Bay. When he was struggling for life his companions, knowing his reputation as a swimmer, thought he was joking and did not go to his assistance. When they did find out that he was really in danger it was too late for them to do anything.

Young Dietrich, with a group of his fellows, went out to the creek for a swim yesterday, feeling as strong and vigorous as ever. Before they had been in the water long he began to flounder about.

"Stop your foolin'," one of the boys yelled at him.

After having sunk twice, Dietrich shouted. Two of his companions jumped to his aid, but before they reached him he had sunk. George Bathman Dived down and got the body. It was laid out on the bank and a call was sent to Bradford Street Hospital. Dr. Parker worked over the boy twenty minutes. While he was busy trying all the resuscitating methods he knew, the drowned boy's mother ran up. She knelt down by his sisde weeping and praying. The doctor, however, was unable to revive the boy. The body was carried to the Dietrich home, at 3,409 Atlantic Avenue, East New York.

The New York Times, New York, NY 4 Jul 1905