Lake George, NY area Jet Crash, Nov 1969

14 People Killed When Mohawk Jet Crashes Near Lake George

By Carl Beck and Howard Healy
Searchers began the long hazardous trek up Buck Mountain this morning to recover the bodies of 14 persons believed killed Wednesday night when the Mohawk Airlines they were riding in slammed into the mountain on the east side of Lake George and burst into flames. Heavy snow was falling early today.

The crash occurred about 8:15 p. m. About two hours later the first rescue unit to reach the site radioed back, “No survivors.”

But recovery efforts were delayed until this morning because of rugged terrain and a heavy rain that later turned to snow.

Authorities said they hoped to use helicopters to transport bodies from the scene today. The State Conservation Dept. said it had one helicopter equipped with a winch, standing by to go to the crash site as soon as the weather cleared.

FAA Supervisor AL LEROY of Albany said the plane was approaching the Warren County Airport on a planned instrument landing under the direction of the Albany County Airport control tower.

An official at the airport in the Town of Queensbury said 10 miles north (the crash site is about 10 miles north of Glens Falls) was along way for the plane to be from the airport since it was coming from Albany.

However, LEROY said the pilot had been directed to fly above the airport and head back down into the wind. He said it was a routine procedure in bad weather.

The first group of State Police reached the crash site about 11 p. m. and radioed back, “No survivors.”

The trooper said four or five bodies were found near the wreckage of the twin-engined plane. Authorities doubted that any bodies could be taken from the scene until this morning.

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