Glasgow, NY Business District Fire, May 1900

Business Portion of Glasgow N. Y., Destroyed.


Glasgow, N. Y., May 5. - The business part of Glasgow was swept away by a fire bgeginning at 1:30 a. m. and causing a loss of $50,000. It begun in Rebauld's store and residence which were consumed causing a loss of $20,000. Extending southward it destroyed everything including the Methodist church, the telephone exchange, the republican newspaper office. The principal losses are:

Leech and Elds, drugs, $225,000; B. K. Wells, $7,000; Dickey and Hatcher, $11,000; R. S. Palmer and company, $15,000; Hugh and Deph, dry goods, $30,000; Wood and Muller, groceries, $20,000; Bradford saddlery, 10,000.

The Biloxi Herald, Biloxi, MS, 6 May 1900