Lansingburg, NY Train Wreck, Oct 1906

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Fifteenth Cavalry Special Hits a Stationary Passenger Train.


Troopers From Picket Lines and Rescue Sufferers from the Wreck---Bridegroom Loses His Bride.

Special to The New York Times.

TROY, N. Y., Oct.4.---Five persons were killed and about twenty-five injured by a rear-end collision on the Boston & Maine Road at the Lansingburg Station this afternoon. An excursion train from Boston, due in troy at 3:18 o'clock, had stopped at the station for Boston that leaves Troy at 4:20. The brakeman had received orders to go back to flag a special train conveying four troops of the Fifteenth Cavalry and their horses from Fort Ethan Allen on their way to Cuba. It would appear that he failed to perform this duty, for a few moments later the soldier's train came around the curve at great speed, and the engineer and fireman, seeing that the crash was inevitable, jumped off and escaped injury.

Two Pullman cars were split completely in two and the third car from the rear was telescoped. The two Pullmans were swept from the track and rolled down the steep embankment houses located along the track. The engine of the special kept right on for a dozen yards and then turned turtle, the front end plowing into the ground and the tender backing into the care behind and telescoping it. Many passengers of the waiting train had decoded to walk up and down beside the track and thus escaped injury.

The Dead.

BLOCK, F. L., Peoria, Ill.
DACEY, Mrs. J. W., Arlington, Mass.
POOL, Mrs. H. D., 12 Chandler Street, Penecoke, Concord, N. H.
SHAW, Mrs. WALLACE E., Bath, Me.
STEVENS, Mrs. FRANK L., Charleston, S. C.


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