Hurleyville, NY Train Wreck, Feb 1901

Killed In A Collision.

Middletown, N.Y., Feb. 6.-A fatal collision occurred on the Ontario and Western Railroad at Hurleyville, Sullivan County, to-day. An engine with a snow flange used to clear the rails of snow, crashed into a passenger coach attached to a milk train, which had stopped at a siding to allow another train to pass. Howard R Scofield of Fishkill Landing, a traveling salesman and a member of the firm of John G. Turnbull & Co., of 294 Pearl Street, New York City, died from inhalation of steam and the effects of scalds about the body.

The injured are: Ontario and Western Division Carpenter Daniel C. Lamont, Ontario and Western Supervisor Robert Brock; Daniel H. Webster, grain commission merchant of the firm of Howell & Webster; Sayor Fancher, wholesale grocer of the firm of Snyder & Fancher, this city; Henry C. Koppes, Calicoon Centre; H.D. Percher, Albany; Dr. H.P Deady, Liberty. These were all so severely scalded by steam that the flesh peeled from their faces and hands. Some of them may have been fatally injured from escaping steam.

Both the passenger coach and the express car ahead were provided with coal stoves and these overturning, set the cars on fire. The train crew and the uninjured passengers worked heroically to extricate the injured passengers. Dr. Deady, although severely injured, assisted Dr. De Kay of Hurleyville in caring for the injured. The injured were brought to this city on a relief train.

The wreck is said to have been due to a misunderstanding of train orders.

The New York Times, New York, NY 7 Feb 1901


Another Victim of Hurleyville Wreck.

Middletown, N.Y., Feb. 8.-DANIEL C. LAMONT, Superintendent of Bridges of the Ontario and Western Railroad, died in a hospital here last night. He was the second victim of the Hurleyville disaster of Wednesday. The other injured persons are in a critical condition.

The New York Times, New York, NY 9 Feb 1901