Staten Island, NY firetruck crash, Jul 1908


Former Upsets and the Latter Knocks Over Shed - Two Firemen Hurt.

While responding to an alarm of fire at Clifton, S. I., yesterday, Engine 203 and Hook and Ladder Truck 102 collided at the corner of Bay and Broad Streets, Stapleton. The engine was overturned and two men slightly injured. Paul Cossert, the driver of the truck, turned it across the sidewalk to avoid the collision, and the truck struck a shed which collapsed on the overturned egine [sic].

The engine was coming down Broad Street and when at Bay Street the truck turned in. Cossert attempted to get out of the way of the engine, but it was too late, and they came together in a slanting blow. The engine overturned, while the truck swerved and struck the shed. Thomas Steele, the driver of the engine, strapped to the seat, was carried down in the wreck. John McGee, the engineer, was also thrown off. They escaped serious injury, though both were bruised and cut about the head.

The hood of the engine was smashed, the rear axle broken, and one of the wheels torn off.

The truck was not much damaged.

The New York Times, New York, NY 26 Jul 1908