Ingells Crossing, NY Train Wreck, Sept 1898


Three Persons Killed on the New York, Ontario and Western Near Fulton, N. Y.---Many Injured.

FULTON, N. Y., Sept. 1.---Train No. 5 on the New York, Ontario and Western Railroard[sic], known as the "Chicago Limited." was wrecked at Ingell's Crossing, four miles south of this village, at 5 o'clock this morning. The wreck was doubtless due to the dastardly work of tramps, who threw open the switch at which the train was wrecked as well as two switches to the north of the wreck.

It was an hour and a quarter late and running nearly sixty miles an hour when it struck the switch and was thrown over to the side track. The rapid speed made it impossible to make a sharp turn, and the train left the track when it struck the safety rail. The engine was thrown twenty feet and blown to pieces. The tender was inverted. The trucks of the baggage car were torn off and the head coach telescoped the baggage car. A vestibule chair car and the sleeper Farragut were derailed. Neither was badly damaged.

Engineer Dowd and Fireman Hall both jumped and were found under the wreckage of the tender by passengers from the sleeper. Both were alive at the time, but Dowd died in a few minutes and Hall succumbed to his injuries at 8 o'clock. The body of Brakeman Osborne was torn in two.

The dead are:

DOWD, B. C., engineer, Oswego; leaves wife and two children.

HALL, WILLIAM, fireman, Norwich.

OSBORNE, A. L., brakeman, Walton; leaves wife and three children.

The injured are:

Desmond, Charles, baggageman, New York; three ribs broken.

Mills, David, Oswego; face and legs bruised and scalp wound.

Golden, John, Oswego; burned about both wrists.

Patten, C. A., Oneonta; hip sprained.

Ross, John, Italian, New York; scalp wound.

Hava, George C., Italian, New York; burned about arms.

Bennett, D., Italian, New York; shoulder bruised.

Hawkinson, Peter J., Swede, Wellesley, Mass.; scalp wound.

Johnson, C. A., Swede, Wellesley, Mass.; scalp wound.

Magnuson, Gustave, Swede, Boston, Mass.; injured about head.

Svenson, Carl, Swede, Boston; injured internally.

The dead and wounded were sent to Oswego, where they arrived at 10 A.M. and the wounded were conveyed to the hospital. Coroner Van Winkle will hold an inquest.

The New York Times, New York, NY 2 Sept 1898