Albany, NY Circus Performer Hurt, June 1885



Albany, N. Y., June 30. -- LOTTIE WATSON, the woman with the iron jaw with VAN AMBURGH'S circus, met with an accident this afternoon that will cause her retirement from the ring. To exhibit her great strength of jaw she has been in the habit of holding suspended from her mouth a cannon which is discharged while in midair. The daring of the performance is increased by the fact that the woman is hoisted from the ground and hangs head downward during the feat. This afternoon she was assisted by the FREEMAN and RICE Brothers, athletes, who superintended the apparatus and had raised her to the proper height for firing the cannon, when one of the pulley ropes suddenly broke. The heavy piece of ordnance and MLLE. WATSON were precipitated to the ground, a distance of about six feet. She struck the cannon, head first, with terrific force, and was picked up unconscious. For a time the wildest excitement prevailed in the audience, but it quickly subsided as the injured woman was removed and the show went on according to the programme. When taken to the hospital she was found to be seriously wounded. Her forehead was crushed in, the wound taking the form of a star, her mouth was cut and two teeth knocked out, the right hand was badly bruised, and some internal injuries were received about the stomach. She will probably be confined to the hospital for some time.

The New York Times New York 1885-07-01