Forest Lawn Station, NY Railroad Accident, Aug 1889


Three Killed and Seven Injured in a Railroad Accident.

The Rome, Watertown, and Ognensburg express train ran through an open switch at Forest Lawn, nine miles east of Rochester, N. Y., at 8 o'clock in the morning.

One lady, MISS PERRIN, was instantly killed, and JOHN JAY, of Rochester, and Fireman LANE of Oswego, were so badly injured that they died soon after. Half a dozen other persons were seriously injured. The list of wounded is as follows:
H. M. PERRIN, head and face bruised and injured internally; MRS. H. M. PERRIN, collar bone broken and badly bruised. MR. And MRS. PERRIN are parents of the young lady killed; ANDREW TIFFANY, of Oswego, injured internally; MRS. LEWIS MOORE, of Gratwwick, N. Y., right leg broken; SAMUEL BROWN, of Sherman, N. Y., right leg cut off and toes of left foot amputated; JOHN BARKER, engineer, badly cut; MISS MARY HANNON, of Siskyou, Ontario, right leg broken and face and head badly cut.

The accident was said to have been caused by the neglect of proper signals. The station agent set a flag to stop the express, but it was not seen in time. The agent was attending to his duties as telegraph operator and ticket agent, and had no one to send with a flag.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1889-08-16