Cape Vincent, NY (Lake Ontario) Tug SEYMOUR Disaster, Nov 1879


Oswego, N. Y., Nov. 18. -- The tug SEYMOUR, of Ogdensburg, left Cape Vincent yesterday with four tugs, three dredges and eight scows in tow, for Buffalo. During the night a gale on Lake Ontario was encountered, and three tugs and all of the dredges and scows were lost. One tug, was picked up to-day and the SEYMOUR arrived at Sackett's Harbor. Of all the crews only six persons were saved, and twenty-two were lost. The following is a list of the lost:
MR. ARNOLD, one of the proprietors, and HENRY ECKLER, son of another proprietor, JAS. B. YOUNG, Buffalo; PATRICK HOGAN, Grand Rapids, Mich.; PATRICK PENNELL, Lachine, Canada; THOMAS THOMPSON, Buffalo; FRED STEVENS, Buffalo; MR. PAUL, Lachine; GEORGE PALMER and wife, Vermont; L. MORRISON, Canada; J. MEVISON, wife and daughter; CHARLES ENGLAND and wife; CHARLES CAVANAUGH, Lachine; EDWARD BEANSEN, Buffalo; J. WOOD and son, Ogdensburg; NOAH GARROW; H. MANCHEN, Ogdensburg; Capt. LOGAN and WILLIAM LOGAN, Ontario.
The SEYMOUR had fine weather until after passing Galoup Island off Sackett's Harbor, when a gale of wind from the northeast, with a heavy snow storm, set in. The tug and tow got within five or six miles of Oswego when the lights were lost. The steamer endeavored to hold the fleet until daylight, but the sea and gale scattered it. Thirty-one persons, including three women and one girl, were drowned. The tug Charles M. Riter, of Buffalo, which was picked upon the lake and towed into this port today, was abandoned when half full of water. The engineer was saved, and taken to Sackett's Harbor.

The Phelps County New Era Missouri 1879-11-22