Brooklyn, NY Incendiary Fire, May 1854



At an early hour Saturday morning a fire broke out in a stable owned by CHARLES FROST, rear of Nos. 95, 97 and 99 Atlantic street, and occupied by several parties. JOHN LOURY, butcher, lost two horses; YOUNG & WILLIAMS, grocers, lost one horse; WICHETT & WELSH, clothing, one horse; M. LUDWIG, pork dealer. In all, nine horses were burnt. The stable was entirely consumed, and several buildings adjoining were much damaged. We give the losses and insurances as near as possible.
JOHN O'DWYER, who kept the "South Ferry Retreat," No. 99 Atlantic street, loses about $800, insured for sufficient to cover the loss in the Erie Insurance Company.
MR. MARTIN FIELD, junk store, loss $800, insured in the Granite Insurance Company.
MESSRS. McQUEEN & CLARK, bar-room, loss $600, insured in the Fulton Insurance Company.
MICHAEL HUGHES, grocer, loss $400, insured in the Hamilton Insurance Company.
T. LOCKITT'S pork store damaged to the extent of $200, covered by insurance.
MESSRS GILMORE & JARVIS, stable keeper, loss $100, insured.
A number of families occupying the upper stories of No. 107 Atlantic street lost considerable in the sudden removal of their furniture. The fire is alleged to be the work of an incendiary.
During the fire a young man named RICHARD SLAUGHTER, member of Engine Company No. 13, was stabbed in the back, but not seriously injured. The assailant was not discovered.

The New York Daily Times New York 1854-05-29