Brooklyn, NY Policeman Drowns, Jul 1894


Body of the Policeman Found at Foot of William Street, Brooklyn.

The body of a man was found at the foot of William Street, Brooklyn, yesterday morning and removed to the Morgue. In one of the pockets was a nickel-plated matchbox inscribed, "Compliments of M. Kern, 348 West Street, New-York." and on a finger of the left hand was a plain gold ring inscribed "L. E. to A. G."

Late yesterday afternoon a woman called at the morgue and identified the body as that of her husband, Alexander Graham, who, she said, was a roundsman attached to the Thirty-seventh Precinct, New-York. She said her husband had friends who resided in Brooklyn, near the Hamilton Avenue Ferry, and he left home on Tuesday night to visit them. How he came to be in the water is not known. Mrs. Graham said she lived at 663 Washington Street, New York.

Late last night the papers found in the man's pockets were given over by the police of the Hamilton Avenue Precinct. There was one paper which was headed:

"Expenses of a man getting on the police." It contained twenty-three items, among them being: Overcoat, $28; frock coat, $26; blouse, $10; and bed, bedstead, helmet, mattress, and club. The total amount figured up $201.50.

There was also a clipping from one of the morning papers, which contained a number of comments regarding the Lexow committee, gleaned from the papers throughout the country.

The New York Times, New York, NY 5 Jul 1894