Oswego County, NY Destructive Tornado, Aug 1868


From the Syracuse Standard, Aug. 4.

A terrible tornado of wind and rain passed over the northern part of the town of Hastings, Oswego County, about 4 o'clock on Sunday afternoon, the 2d inst. Its track was in a northeasterly direction, and occupying a space of about half a mile in width, within which everything moveable was injured or destroyed. Orchards were entirely prostrated, fences carried away, crops destroyed, buildings unroofed, &c.
At Cox's Mill it struck the dwelling house of BENJAMIN CHURCH, bursting open the windows and doors, raising the ceiling and roof entire, carrying them eight rods across the road into a corn-field. At the dwelling of AMOS RICHARDSON, Esq., its fury was still more terrible, tearing a wing 22' X 22' (recently built) from the upright and turning it nearly at a right angle with its former position, throwing the floor up to the ceiling and coming very near throwing MRS. RICHARDSON into the well. His barn, 26' X 36' and nearly new, contraining ten tons of hay, a span of horses, wagons, &c., was carried from its foundation and turned partially round. ADDISON HART, Esq., had his orchards uprooted and his fences all destroyed, having to secure his stock in his dooryard. No loss of life or injury to persons or stock is known as yet.

The New York Times New York 1868-08-05