Titanic Sinking - Find More Dead


The Montmagny Reports Dense Fog, Making Search Difficult.

Special to The New York Times.

HALIFAX, N. S., May 12.---Wireless dispatches received by the White Star agent to-night from the Canadian Government steamer Montmagny, sent out in search of Titanic dead, announce the recovery of four bodies. Three were identified:

C. Smith, steward.

Harold Reynolds, steerage passenger, with Toronto address on body.

Fifteen-year-old Syrian girl, name not known.

The fourth was the body of a sailor and unidentified. His body was buried at sea.

Capt. Johnson of the Montmagny reports that the weather is bad for searching, dense fog prevailing. The steamer also has difficulty in relaying messages, being out of touch with liners. Requests are being sent out form here to get in touch with the Montmagny and relay messages from her.

The New York Times, New York, NY 13 May 1912