Titanic Sinking - 42 Bodies Identified, part 2

Checking Off the List.

In the second cabin the body referred to as that of John A. Chapman was checked off as that of John H. Chapman; that of W. Carbines as that of W. Corbines; that of N. E. Coles Rasher, which Monday night it was thought might refer to the body of Col. John Jacob Astor, as that of Mrs. Mary Mack, and that of Reg Hale as being that of Reginald Hale.

In the steerage the body referred to in the wireless as being that of Mary Manigan is believed to have references to Mary Mongan or Mangan; the name Mauretz Adahl was checked off as that of Mauritz Daho; Yosipe Drazenoui as that of Josef Draznoyle, Malcolm Johnson as that of Malkokn Johnson; Mrs. N. McNamee it was thought might refer to Miss Eileen McNamee; William Sage is believed to be the young son of John Sage, who was also lost, and A. Vear is believed to refer to the body of W. J. Ware.

There was no Mrs. A. Robins aboard the Titanic, and the name is believed to be that of the steerage passenger booked as Charity Robbins. There is no record of a passenger named H. Greenberg, but there was a Samuel Greenberg in the second cabin. The company has no record of George Rosenshire. A relative of George Rosenshine, however, was at The NEW YORK TIMES office several times last week inquiring for news of George Rosenshine, and the name transmitted by the Mackay-Bennett seems to confirm the fears of the relative that George Rosenshine was among those who went down with the Titanic.

As for the name Catalevas Vasilios, there is a confusion which will not be possible of correction until the revised and corrected list of identified is received from the Mackay-Bennett.

Widow Dispells[sic] Astor Doubtt[sic].

In the list of steerage passengers who sailed on the Titanic occurs the names Thomas Catalevas and Peter Vasilios. The White Star Line is convicted that the name sent in the list yesterday refers to the body of one or the other of these men.

The following names the company was unable to connect with that of any person known to have been on the Titanic, (unless that of R. B. Att refers to the body of Major Archibald Butt:) W. Mariott, Nihilschedid, Jerr Morrose, and Steward No. 76.

All speculation as to the body referred to by the name N. R. Coles Rasher was quickly dissipated yesterday when the widow of Nicolas called up the White Star Line and explained that the name undoubtedly referred to the body of her husband.

Mr. and Mrs. Nasser had a large sum of money with them and unless it was found on the body the money had been lost. Mrs. Nasser is prostrated in the home of friends in Brooklyn.

The James Kelly, whose body has been found, was probably James Kelly who was on his way to join relatives in New Haven, Conn. He left County Kildare, Ireland, with a ticket good only on the Titanic. He was supposed to be in the steerage. He had a sister living in Hoboken.

William H. Harbeck, whose body is recovered, was a citizen of Seattle, Wash., where he was engaged in the moving picture business. His name did not appear on the advance lists of the Titanic passengers, and Mrs. Harbeck, who is in Seattle, had cherished the hope that he had changed his mind at the last moment and remained in England to sail on a later vessel.

A telegram from St. John's N. F., received last night said that it had been ascertained there that the bodies of Col. Astor and John B. Thayer, who was one of the Vice Presidents of the Pennsylvania Railroad, had not been recovered by the Mackay-Bennett.

The Western Union cable ship Minia was steaming last night to the scene of the disaster to help in the work of recovering the bodies of victims. It was said at the White Star Line offices yesterday that the Mackay-Bennett would probably remain in the vicinity of the wreck until 100 bodies had been recovered before steaming for Halifax. Weather conditions permitting, she should have recovered this number by last night.

The New York Times, New York, NY 24 Apr 1912