Titanic Sinking - Survivors Ill


Two in Hospital, Hysterical---Mrs. Widener Has Severe Cold.

Special to The New York Times.

PHILADELPHIA, April 22.---Philadelphia survivors of the Titanic are under the care of physicians, several of them in a serious condition. P. A. B. Widener, father of George D. Widener, has been in a critical condition since he brought Mrs. George D. Widener home to this city from New York last Thursday night, and his condition to-day was reported as being serious.

Mrs. Walter B. Stevenson of Haverford and J. R. McGough, unable to stand the strain of continually thinking of their experiences, collapsed and were removed to hospitals, where they are hysterical. Their cases are diagnosed as acute nervous prostration.

Mrs. George D. Widener is suffering from a severe cold and physicians are constantly in attendance. She refuses to believe that her husband is dead, and her physicians and friends believe this is for the best until her physical condition is improved.

With the same fortitude with which she rowed for hours in a lifeboat, Mrs. John B. Thayer is bearing up under her misfortune.

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Carter, with their children, Miss Lucile Carter and William T. Carter, the only Philadelphia family on the Titanic to be rescued without the loss of a member, show few effects of their experience.

Three hundred prominent men and women met yesterday afternoon and organized a lodge in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Isidor Straus of New York. A. Margolin, founder of Mt. Sinai Hospital, and A. Weitzenfeld will obtain the charter for the lodge, which will be the Isidor Straus Lodge, Progressive Order of the West.

A letter of sympathy was sent to the Straus family. In it was enclosed a request for a photograph of Mrs. Straus, from which reproductions will be made to be distributed among the members. The officers of the lodge include David Isrealowitz, President: Max Sacks, Vice President; Charles Spitzler, Secretary, and Sam Rutzky, Treasurer.

The New York Times, New York, NY 23 Apr 1912