Cove Neck, NY Colombian Jetliner Crashes On Landing, Jan 1990

Cove Neck, NY Jetliner Crash, Jan 1990



Cove Neck, N. Y. (AP) -- At least nine people were killed when a Colombian Boeing 707 jetliner with more than 140 people aboard crashed in fog and rain Thursday night while attempting a second approach to Kennedy International Airport, authorities said.
Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman KATHLEEN BERGEN said preliminary reports to the FAA indicated nine people were dead at least 30 people survived.
However, Nassau County fire dispatcher ROBERT SUTTON said as many as 70 passengers were injured.
The Boeing 707 crashed into the north shore of Long Island at about 9:45 after the airliner carrying 149 people, including seven children, missed its first approach to the airport.
Avianca Flight 52 en route from Bogota crashed at about 9:45 p.m. in a sparsely populated area of northern Long Island, breaking into several pieces, Kennedy airport officials said.
"There were just dead bodies all over the place ... It was the worst thing you ever saw," an unidentified young man who arrived at the scene told WNBC-TV.
Many ambulances and helicopters were at the scene, where bloodied victims were lined up on stretchers. Some passengers were seen lying motionless. Others, including children, were conscious and apparently not seriously hurt as they were helped from the wreckage.
Kennedy's control tower lost contact with Flight 52 at 9:34 p.m. when the Boeing 707 was about 15 miles northeast of the airport after a five-hour flight, said Port Authority Police Officer PHIL MONTOURI.
MONTOURI said "there was no radio communication at all to the tower. It just went down."
The plane had missed one approach to Kennedy and gone around a second time, according to the FAA's BERGEN. CNN reported the plane ran out of fuel before it crashed.
The jet broke into four pieces upon impact, said Coast Guard Petty Officer JEFF CRAWLEY. There was less than half a mile of visibility and it was raining at the time.
STEVE ULMAN, a Cove Neck resident, said the plane narrowly missed a house and crashed three houses away from one owned by tennis star JOHN McENROE.

The Post-Standard Syracuse New York 1990-01-26
(Transcriber's Notes: The actual fatality totals were as follows:
Passengers -- 65 Crew -- 8
A total of 73 of the 158 aboard the airliner perished. The Boeing ran out of fuel on approach.)


One constant theme....

in so many of these plane crashes seems to be trying to fly or land in lousy weather. Honestly, you would think we would learn after a while!