New York, NY Park Place Building Explosion - list of dead and missing



The number of those killed in the calamity will not be known for days, and perhaps not for weeks, to come. Although at a late hour last evening only seven bodies had been taken from the ruins, it was known that more than ten times that number had perished. From the number of inquiries for the missing, it would not be a matter of astonishment if the death roll footed up over 100 persons.

Of the seven bodies recovered only four were identified. Adding the three whose bodies were not identified, and counting in only the eighty-eight missing persons, all, or nearly all, of whom are believed to be dead, the total of those bereft of life makes the appalling total of ninety-five. It is believed that this number will be added to before the inquiries have ceased.

The bodies taken out include the following:

COLE, LEONARD R., forty years old, of Madison Street near Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn. He was forty years old, married, and has a family. His body was identified at the Morgue late at night by R. B. Lawrence of Richmond Hill, L. I. with whom he had boarded. He had been employed by Liebler & Maass. His skull was crushed.

GIBBS, JOHN, age four, of 237 Greenwich Street. Taken to 82 Greenwich Street.

HEAGNEY, SARAH ANN, age six, of 65 Park Place. Taken home.

SLATTERY, MICHAEL, age fifty-five, of Eighty-ninth Street and Park Avenue. Taken to Morgue.

UNKNOWN MAN, apparently German, age about fifty. Iron-grey hair. Taken to Morgue.

UNKNOWN MAN, age about twenty-seven. Taken to Morgue.

UNKNOWN MAN, age about twenty-four. Taken to Morgue.

With regard to the following list of missing, it may be said, as showing the probable fate of those mentioned, that TIMES reporters made diligent inquiries at the addresses given, and only discovered reasons for placing them in the list of the dead rather than of the missing. The list in subjoined:

ALBRECHT, JOHN, 24 years old, East Houston street, lithographer.

ANSCHUTZ, JOHN, 21 years, lithographer, 364 Houston street.

BLITZ, SAMUEL, 26 years, 363 Houston Street; worked for Rosenfeld.

BRAY, JOHN, 35 years, printer, married, lived on Grand Street.

BARRY, WILLIAM, aged 35, of 8 Grand Street; he was in the employ of the South Publishing Company.

BAUMGARTEN, LOUIS, 34 years of age, of 55 West Eleventh Street.

BREITNER, CHARLES, aged 14, press boy Ellis & McDonald, lived at 345 East Fifty-fourth Street.

CHUTY, THEODORE, 31 years, 25 Lexington Avenue; superintendent of lithographing establishment of Liebler & Maass.

CHURCHILL, FRANK, pressman; employed by the South Publishing Company; residence.

CLOUGH, O. A., age 50, President South Publishing Company; residence, Florida.

COLE, FREDERICK, of Brooklyn, clerk for F. W. Trippe.

CURRY, JOHN, of Greenville, N. J., employed by Liebler & Maass.

CUSIC, MARY, typewriter, Marlborough, Ulster County.

DIXON, JOHN, age 17, 360 Broadway, Brooklyn; worked for South Publishing Company.

DOHS, RICHARD, 21 years, 417 Western Boulevard, press feeder.

DORHAN, ADAM, age 14; residence, 426 East Sixth Street.

DRURY, WILLIAM A., age 24; residence, Patterson, N. J.

DEVINE, _____, age 21; residence, 113 West Sixteenth Street.

DODD, FRANK, age 28; worked for Liebler & Maass.

DOWD, LIZZIE, 405 Madison Street.

DUKARECHA, ABRAHAM, age 17, 141 Delancey Street, worked for Rosenfeld & Co.

DUNN, JOHN, stevedore for Fall River Line.

EICHMALD, PAULINE, wife of a peanut peddler at Oyster Bay.

ELLIS, WILLIAM H., of Ellis & Macdonald, bookbinders, at 76 Park Place, about 41 years old and unmarried; residence, 228 Hart Avenue, Brooklyn.

EBERLE, PHILIP, age 17, residence 410 South Street, Brooklyn.

FATH, JOHN, age 18, 256 Sackett Street, Brooklyn, press feeder, Liebler & Maass.

FLOWER, JENNIE, age 19, 41 Renwick Street, worked for Liebler & Maas.

GOLDSCHMIDT, NEUMAN, 29 years, married, two children, 417 East Seventy-ninth Street, worked for Rosenfeld.

GOLDBEYER, MORRIS, aged 17, 272 West Fourth Street.

HIGGINS, WILLIAM, 17 years old, of 127 Chrystie Street, employed at Liebler & Maas's.

HAGAN, WILLIAM, stevedore for the Fall River Line.

HEIDENREICH, JACOB, 15 years, press boy, a brother of Policeman Heidenreich of the Fourteenth Precinct.

HEIN, LOTTIE, 24 years, single, 23 Avenue C, worked for Rosenfeld.

HENMREICH, ANTHONY, 30 years, 388 East Ninth Street, lithographer.

HERRING, NELLIE, 177 Erie Street, Jersey City, worked for Liebler & Maass Lithographing Company.

HILLIS, J. M., truckman, married, eight children, lived corner Montgomery and Water Streets, 40 years old. Was in restaurant.

HATCH, FRANK, 34 years, single, lithographer, 123 First Street.

HARING, MORRIS A., 29 years, head salesman for Bourke & Osborne, harness dealers. Told fellow-clerk he was going to Hudson Restaurant to get lunch. Did not put on hat or coat and did not return. He lived at 77 Erie Street, Jersey City, and has a wife and child.

KEOGH, THOMAS, age 20, residence 357 West Fiftieth Street.

LINDSAY, A. W., age 40, residence Brooklyn.

McCARTHY, CHARLES, age 18, residence 35 Bowery.

MILLER PETER, age 16, residence 394 Wallabout Street, Brooklyn.

MARX, R. H., age 35, residence 595 Lafayette Place.

MILLER, LOUIS, age 26, residence North Broadway, Brooklyn.

McMANN, SARAH, Brooklyn.

McMANN, GEORGE, age 17, residence 73 Downing Street.

MACDONALD, WILLIAM G., of Ellis & MacDonald, bookbinders, 76 Park Place. About 45 years old and married. Residence, 156 Chester Street, near Rockaway Avenue, Brooklyn.

McPHERSON, WILLIAM, pressman, of 23 Dominick Street, employed by the South Publishing Company.

MIDDLETON, ALBERT E., age 17, 112 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, press-feeder in Liebler & Maass.

MIDDLE, JOHN, worked at 38 Park Place; supposed to have been in restaurant.

MILLER, PETER, aged 16, of 394 Wallabout Street, Brooklyn, employed by Liebler & Maass.

NAYLOR, WILLIAM, supposed to have to have been in restaurant.

PETERSEN, CARL, keeper of the restaurant on the ground floor, 22 years of age and unmarried; residence at 853 Third Avenue. Andrew Petersen, the father, was out of the city yesterday.

QUINN, MAGGIE, 18 years old, of 344 Cherry Street; employed in Rosenfeld's factory.

RICE, _____, salesman Dey Street branch of Rosenfeld's manufactory.

RICH, GUS, 19 years, 60 Miller Avenue, Brooklyn, lithographer.

ROSENFELD, LOUIS, manufacturer of bronze, who occupied the second floor. He moved into the building two years ago from an old stand in Dey Street. Yesterday he left home, saying to his family that he would return at 2 o'clock. None of his family had seen him up to a late hour last night, and it is reasonably certain that he is among the dead. He was seen in the building a short time before it collapsed. He is 30 years of age, and leaves a wife and child.

RYAN, _____, 17 years, in employ of Empire City Company.

SCHELL, WILLIAM, of 57 Montgomery Street, an employe[sic] of Liebler & Maas.

SHADDOCK, ERNEST HENRY, 18 years old, of 27 Moore Street. He worked for Liebler & Maas.

SHEEHAN, JOHN, 26, residence, Fall River.

SHELLY, WILLIAM, 27, McDougal Street; Liebler & Maas.

SMITH, CONRAD, foreman in Liebler & Maas's, 37 years old, 127 East One Hundred and Eighth Street.

STAUKE, MAX, stone grinder, Liebler & Maas.

STEINKE, JOHN, aged 42, of 293 Nelson Avenue, Jersey City; employed by Liebler & Maass.

STEINER, AUGUSTUS, 28 years old, feeder, employed by the South Publishing Company; lived at 211 East One Hundred and Seventh Street.

TREVOR, DANIEL, 40 years old, 244 West Seventeenth Street, in employ of the Gould Publishing Company, in building on business.

TUPPER, GEORGE W., 17 years, 216 Monroe Street, worked for Liebler & Maass.

TRIPPE, F. W., 45 years old, druggist, at 70 Park Place. Had been spending the Summer at Seabright, but came in to business every day.

TSCHUDY, THEODORE, 32 years, married, three children, lithographer, 548 East One Hundred and Sixty-first Street.

TULLY, ANNIE, 17 years old, of 97 Madison Street; she was employed in Rosenfeld's factory.

WALSER, OTTO, of 108 East Eighth Street, He worked for Liebler & Maass. He leaves a mother and three sisters.

WHITE, THERON, supposed to have been in restaurant.

WILLIAMS, THOMAS, aged 36, residence 135 Varick Street.

WILLIAMS, MARY, age 16, 243 Cherry Street, worked for Louis Rosenfeld & Co.

ZICHERT, GUSTAVE, 25 years old, 310 Washington Avenue, Hoboken, employed in bookbindery.

Ten stevedores were reported as missing from the Fall River Line Dock during the afternoon.

Three pressmen in Liebler & Maass's, described as Otto, John, and Frank.

A friend of Mr. F. W. Trippe, who was in the drugstore at the time of the accident.

The New York Times, New York, NY 23 Aug 1891