Jamaica, NY Electric Train Wreck, Nov 1911

A thick fog descended on the city early yesterday morning and tied up traffic on the railroads and in the harbor until shortly after 11 o’clock, when the sun dispelled the gloom and allowed transportation to return to normal.

Several persons were hurt in the two suburban collisions. One occurred just west of Dunton, near Jamaica. Electric train 1,716, in charge of Motorman PETER GEE and Conductor FRANK OLSSEN, bound to Jamaica from the Pennsylvania Terminal in Manhattan, ran into Locomotive 12 in charge of Engineer LONG, which was backing out of the railroad repair shops at Morris Park. The motorman did not see the engine until it was a few feet away, and then could not stop. None of the passengers in the electric train was injured. The tender of the engine was derailed, blocking traffic for an hour. L. GAUIAGLO of 170 Morris Avenue, Morris Park, a railroad employee, was walking beside the engine when the crash occurred. He was placed on a train and taken to St. John’s Hospital in Long Island City, suffering from cuts and bruises.

The New York Times, New York, NY 12 Nov 1911