New York, NY Fatal Parallel Bars Fall Dec 1905

Death Follows Accident in Harlem Church Parish House.
MISS LENA WIRTH, 17-year-old daughter of Alfred Wirth, a First Avenue hardware dealer, died in St. Luke's Hospital yesterday afternoon, as a result of injuries received on Friday evening, while exercising on parallel bars in the gymnasium attached to the parish house of the East Harlem Presbyterian Church.
The girl was prominent in church and Sunday school work, and an enthusiastic member of the girl's section of an athletic organization. While climbing over the horizontal bars she missed hold and fell to the floor in a place unprotected by mats. She landed on her back and neck, and lay prostrate until picked up by her girl friends. Then it was found that she was paralyzed from the neck down.
The Rev. C. H. Scholey, pastor of the church, was sent for and summoned Dr. Rosenbaum, who had the girl taken to the hospital. After lingering more than twelve hours the girl died in great pain.
The New York Times, New York, NY 31 Dec 1905