Brooklyn, NY Cow Causes Train Wreck, Aug 1846

ACCIDENT ON THE LONG ISLAND RAILROAD.---As the day train from Boston was about thirty-three miles from Brooklyn at 7½ o'clock last evening, a cow ran across the track just in front of the engine and was thrown off by the cow catcher, but slid down the bank just beside the track, and, after being passed by the engine and baggage car, was caught by the first passenger car, which was thrown off the track, upsetting the car behind it, and seriously injuring several passengers---one lady it was feared dangerously. The conductor, Mr. Tucker, was also somewhat injured, but not so much as to prevent his doing a great deal for the relief and comfort of the sufferers. All the passengers in the capsized car were more or less injured, but none dangerously but the lady already spoken of, and she, it was thought by a physician who was on board, not fatally, though she had a serious gash in her forehead. All the children on board---twelve or fifteen in number---were in the front car and so escaped injury if not death. The cow was killed of course. The cars were nearly destroyed and the rails somewhat torn up, but fresh cars were procured from a depot three miles this side, and all the passengers brought on, reaching this city about 11 o'clock.

Our friend who gives this information was a passenger on board, and states that great praise is due to Mr. Tucker, to the Engineer and all hands, for the activity, ability and humanity displayed by them on this trying occasion.---- N.Y. Tribune, Thursday.

Morning News, New London, CT 28 Aug 1846