New York, NY Boy Saved By Clothesline, May 1923

Boy Falls Five Stories; Clothesline Saves Life

New York,----Jimmy Marzigliano, three years old, fell five stories from the fire escape at his home to a cement-paved court yard. His parents returned from the city hospital and smiled, as they said they had been told his arm and another on the nose, but at the hospital Jimmy was reported in a serious condition.

A network of clothesline from the back windows of the tenement where Jimmy lives, to a pole in the rear of the courtyard, saved him from being crushed on the pavement. He had climbed on a box to watch a ball game in the yard.

He clutched a clothesline and it snapped, but the rope unwound through a pulley, swinging him into the railing of the fire escape off the first floor windows, from which he dropped to the pavement.

Akron Weekly Pioneer, Akron, CO 1 Jun 1923