New York, NY Parkville Train Wreck, Jun 1893


Victims of the Long Island Wreck Plundered by "Rescuers".

NEW YORK, June 23.---It is a lamentable disaster of Tuesday on the Long Island railroad at Parkville were robbed. In fact one body has entirely disappeared, that of Judge Quimby, of Utica, who had $6,000 in his possession. Dr. Coughlin, who was riding on an ambulance, passed an express wagon in which Quimby was lying and he offered to take him in the ambulance, as he said he was likely to die. The man who had charge of Quimby said he was a doctor and wouldn't allow him to be moved. He said he was going to take him to the Norwegian hospital. Quimby, however, never reached there. The coroner is trying to fine the body. William B. Hutchinson, who was killed, had several thousand dollars tied in a handkerchief. When his body reached Undertaker Stillwell's morgue only $1.25 and a gold watch were found.

Daily Citizen, Iowa City, Iowa, 23 June 1893