Little Valley, NY Some Survive Airliner Crash, Dec 1951

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Little Valley, Dec. 31 (AP) -- The missing Pittsburgh to Buffalo unscheduled airliner was found today in wild country in Southwestern New York and 14 survivors were brought to safety.
There were 40 persons on the plane when it left Pittsburgh Saturday night.

Removed on Sled.
The Cattaraugus County sheriff's office said the most injured of the survivors were brought out thru dense underbrush on a sled arrangement towed by a tractor.
There were 13 survivors still at the wreckage when rescue workers got thru to the crash site. One passenger had walked out of the rugged country in search of help and reported the plane's location.
All the injured were being taken to Salamanca District Hospital. The first to arrive there was identified by the hospital as MRS. ANNA PISO, 51, Grafton, Pa.
MRS. PISO was listed on a passenger list released earlier. Her address on the list was given at 51 Bradford ave., Grafton. However, her name was not given by the survivor who walked out.
Condition 'Good'.
Hospital attendants said MRS. PISO was suffering shoulder and leg injuries and that her condition was good.
The survivor who pushed his wasy thru dense undergrowth with the first word of the crashed plane's location was GEORGE ALBERT, Miami, Fla. His mother, MRS. ELIZABETH ALBERT, 46, was killed.
ALBERT, 30, told The Associated Press by telephone that he left the scene of the crash shortly after 11 a.m. He reached the farmhouse of CHARLES BRYANT. He called police from there.
ALBERT said the plane crashed about 10:25 p.m. Saturday.
He said the survivors huddled around a fire all of yesterday and last night near the wrecked plane. One passenger, WILLIAM BESCHOS, tried to make his way out for help yesterday, but could not get thru, ALBERT said.

Albert Injured.
ALBERT said he was bruised and injured but that his injuries were the least of any of the survivors. He said he could not say how badly hurt he was but that he was about to enter a hospital for observation.
According to ALBERT, as quoted by the sheriff's office, the other survivors included these whose names were listed on earlier passenger lists.
MRS. LOUISE ATKINSON, hospital superintendent, said all 14 were suffering shock and some had broken bones and lacerations.
She said there were no cases of suffering from exposure. She did not give individual injuries.



Salamanca Plane crash

Hi ,

We are a museum in Salamanca N.Y. and althought it was posted on a site 2 years ago thought you may still have the scrapbook. We would love to have it.

The Salamanca Area Historical Museum
125 Main Street
Salamanca New York, 14779

my grandpa was the co pilot Gus Athas

Please send me the scrapbook of the accident it would mean a lot 2 me my grandpa was the co-pilot who died

Napoli Plane Crash

Anyone with a connection to a survivor or deceased of the Napoli plane crash of December 29, 1951 please contact Tim Lake at

I'm researching this event and would like to obtain more personal information and photographs of each person on board.


Tim Lake

Napoli Plane Crash

Regarding the Napoli Plane crash scrapbook.
My Grandfather was one of the leaders of the crew that cut a path up Parker Hill to retrieve the survivors.
I'm researching this crash for geneaology and to possibly write an article.
If you still have the scrapbook please reply and let me know how I may obtain it or make a copy.
Or if you no longer have it, please let me know where I might inquire about making a copy.


Tim Lake

very detailed scrapbook regarding this disaster

I recently found a very detailed scrapbook regarding this disaster. I would like to give it to anyone who may be interested in it, perhaps a survivor or family member of a loved one lost in the crash. If interested, please reply.