Plattsburg, NY Explosion, Jan 1887



PLATTSBURG, N. Y., Jan. 11.----The people of this village were startled at 8:45 o'clock this morning by a terrific report followed by long-continued rumbling and the smashing of windows. Fully 1,200 pounds of nitro-glycerine[sic] were exploded at the Clinton Powder Company's factory, a mile and a half from this place. The report was heard within a radius of 25 miles, and where the explosive stood there is now an immense excavation in the earth. The timbers of the building were completely destroyed, so that hardly a trace of them can be found. No one was in the building at the time. The explosion was caused by the building taking fire from the smokestack of the boiler, and the employes[sic], having a fair warning, left the building with great rapidity. The boiler, which weighed three tons, was found over 500 feet from the spot over which it stood before the explosion. The entire plant of the company was destroyed with the exception of the magazine, which contained a small quantity of dynamite, and which was situated 750 feet from the factory. The loss to the company will be about $8,000, and the damage to buildings in this village from the shock was extensive. Many of the small windows were shattered, plate glass fronts broken, and chimneys tumbled down. The consternation caused throughout the village and vicinity was great, people rushing from their homes in terror, supposing that an earthquake was in progress, and it was some time before the women were induced to re-enter their homes.

The shock was felt at Burlington, Vt., 20 miles away, and at Richmond, 30 miles southeast of Plattsburg.

The New York Times, New York, NY 12 Jan 1887