Yonkers, NY Drowning, Oct 1905


Rowboat and Launches of Pleasure Seekers Capsize and Sink.

Boat Founders With Four Men and a Boy

Yonkers, N.Y. -- When in midstream in the Hudson opposite Fernbrook street, this city, a boat containing four men and a boy and all hands were drowned.
The party, out for a day's fishing, consisted of HENRY NELSON, his son, HENRY, JR., aged nine; his wife's brother, CARL THOMPSON, all of 113 ½ Clinton place; BENJAMIN BENSON, of 111 Harriet street, and P. SIMPSON. The men were members of the Hudson Boat Club, and owned a rather large rowboat, which had been fitted with a sail. She was heavily ballasted with old iron.
The party left the foot of Downing street about 9:30 o'clock. When they reached the middle of the river the wind died out and the men were seen to get out their oars and start rowing. This continued several minutes. Then men were seen to jump up, and a moment later the boat disappeared, leaving the five struggling in the water.
A boat in charge of John Coughlin and John Pfeiffer put out, but before they reached the scene of the accident all five of the occupants of the boat had vanished. On the way out the men heard the boy crying to his father to save him. The men searched for more than an hour and were joined by three other boats, but the only things found were two overcoats and a cap.
MRS. NELSON ran to the riverside and stayed there until nightfall, hoping to see the bodies recovered. All four of the men were married and lived within a block of one another.
The body of the boy was recovered at night.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1905-10-27