Cooperstown, NY Drowning, Jul 1894

Cooperstown, New York Drowning
July 24, 1894
Four Persons Lose Their Lives in Otsego Lake.

In the Otsego Lake Accident, Father, Mother and Son Were Drowned While Rowing a Book Agent Across--Dragging the Lake for Dead Bodies.

Cooperstown, N.Y., July 24.--A quadruple drowning occurred on Otsego lake yesterday afternoon. The victims were Mr. And Mrs. J. R. Edwards and son, and a book agent whose name is unknown. The Edwards family recently came from Bainbridge to live in a house about four miles up the west side of the lake. They started in a rowboat with the object of taking the agent across the lake to Hyde Hill, eight miles up. Subsequently the boat, with four persons clinging to it, was seen about a third of a mile from the shore, off Hatter's point, five and a half miles up the lake. Boats put out to the rescue, but when they reached the scene the four people had disappeared.

Two hats, the agent's notebook and an empty whiskey bottle were found in the boat. It is surmised that the contents of the bottle were responsible for the accident, as at no time during the day had the water been rough. The lake is being dragged, but the bodies have not yet been recovered. The lake at the place where the accident occurred is from 160 to 180 feet deep. Mr. And Mrs. Edwards leave two married children, and two others aged 14 and 12 years.

The News, Frederick, MD 24 Jul 1894