Melrose, NY Train - Wagon Wreck, Oct 1908


Wagon With Six Persons, Hit Near Melrose, N. Y.

Bodies of Four Victims Horribly Mangled – Driver Deaf and Failed to Hear Train.

Troy, N. Y. -- Four persons were killed and two were injured at 6:30 o'clock p. m., in a grade crossing accident on the Boston and Maine tracks about a mile north of Melrose, when a train from Rutland struck a wagon containing six persons. MR. And MRS. FRANK LUTHER, of Schaghticoke; FRANK ROBERTS, of Melrose, and a two-year-old child of the LUTHERS were killed. The injured are JAMES LUTHER, five years old, and AIDEN LUTHER, six years old. The fatalities were caused by the deafness of FRANK ROBERTS, who was driving and failed to hear the train.
FRANK ROBERTS was a brother of MRS. LUTHER and had been to Schaghticoke visiting his sister's family. He was driving to his home, in Melrose, accompanied by the LUTHER'S, who were going to his home to attend a family reunion. The train hit the wagon squarely and four of its occupants were instantly killed. Two of the victims were carried along on the cowcatcher. The other two were tossed down the embankment. One of the horses was killed. The wagon was shattered.
The bodies of the victims were horribly crushed. Coroner HUTTON, of Valley Falls, viewed the bodies, but reserved decision pending an inquest. The injured children were brought to the Troy hospital. DR. HERRICK found that one had sustained a broken thigh and both have scalp wounds. They will recover.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1908-10-16