Dunkirk, NY Propeller Ship DEAN RICHMOND Wreck, Oct 1893

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Buffalo, N.Y., Oct. 16. -- All points gave new evidence of the severity of the gale and its disastrous effects upon lake shipping and there is now no doubt that the Richmond foundered. The condition of the three bodies washed ashore at Dunkirk indicate that the unfortunate seamen had not been dead long; that they had probably been cast adrift some time and had been beaten to death on the dangerous rocks that abound in this part of the lake shore. Wreckage is still being cast ashore, and it is believed that the Richmond foundered not more than three miles out on the lake. It seems impossible that any one of the seventeen souls on board her could have escaped alive.
The Richmond was a "Clover Leaf" boat and her crew were all from Toledo. She was the first of the larger steamers which mark the coming of present style of marine construction on the lake. She was of 1257 tonnage and was built in Cleveland in 1864 but was rebuilt in 1873. She was owned by Botts Ford and others of Port Huron and was valued at $46,000.
The crew of the Dean Richmond was composed of the following:
G. W. STODDARD, captain, Toledo.
GEORGE BOYSON, second mate, East Toledo.
SAMUEL MEADOWS, wheelman, Toledo.
E. WHEELER, look-out, Toledo.
FRANK EARNEST, look-out, North Toledo.
A. B. DODGE, second cook, Toledo.
EVANS, chief engineer, shipped at Toledo.
JACOB EARNEST, deck hand, Toledo.
WILLIAM ZINK, deck hand, Toledo.
GEORGE M. SCHILLING, porter, Toledo.
WALTER GOODYEAR, first mate, Ottawa Lake, Michigan.
J. E. BRADY, wheelman, residence unknown.
MRS. RETTA ELLSWORTH, Stewardess, Allmer, Ont.
FRANK HILTON, second engineer, Port Huron.
THERMAN BOATHAN, fireman, residence unknown.
FRANK PATTON, deck hand, residence unknown.
Unknown Man, deck hand, shipped at Buffalo.

Steubenville Herald Ohio 1893-10-20