Rochester, NY Leary Dye Co Fire, Mar 1901


The Leary Dye Co.'s Plant Gutted Today.

Three Bodies Have Already Been Taken From the Ruins.

By Associated Press.
ROCHESTER, N. Y., March 1. -- The Leary Dye Company, occupying a part of a five-story building at Platt and Mill streets, was gutted by fire today. The upper floor was occupied by the Seaca[sic] Camera Company, who employed a large force of men and women.
Three bodies have already been removed from the building and many injured have been taken to the hospitals.
The fire is supposed to have started among the chemicals stored in the upper floors of the building.
The dead have not as yet been identified.
It is reported that six girls, who worked in the camera works and who are missing, have perished in the flames.
FRANK MEYER and JOHN HENRY, employes in the camera works, are also among the missing.
ALICE KIRK, KATE KEARNEY and SADIE BRODIE, who escaped from the fifth floor, said when they left the room was filled with flames and that six other employes were still in the room and in a dazed condition.
W. A. BAULCH of the Seneca Camera Co., states that he was working on the fourth floor when the fire broke out and that the flames spread with incredible rapidly. He says he had barely time to reach the fire escape, and when he left the room he saw six girls running about the room in a dazed condition. He thinks they were not able to make their escape and have been burned to death.
Twenty-five persons on the third floor managed to leave the building by means of the fire escape.

Reno Evening Gazette Nevada 1901-03-01