Brooklyn, NY Conway Theater Disaster, Dec 1876

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The Story as it Stood at Two O'clock This Afternoon.




A Hundred Bodies Recovered from the Ruins and a Hundred More Visible.


Every hour since the fire in the theatre was extinguished has brought fresh and saddening evidence of the extent of the horror.
At first it was believed that few, if any, lives had been lost. About 7 o'clock it was known that at least twenty persons had been burned to death or smothered. By 9 o'clock the list of deaths had risen to seventy. At 11 o'clock ninety victims were counted, and now, at 2 o'clock it is evident that not fewer that two hundred persons have perished.

Details from Our Extras of This Morning.
The work of identifying the dead will be difficult, for most of them are burned beyond recognition. The only mode of identifying them will be by personal property found attached to the bodies. Thus far it is only evident that the flames made common havoc with men, women and children.
It is known that a man named DONAH, a brother of one of the letter carriers at the Post Office, was in the theatre, and he has not reported this morning.
No trace can be found of the actor, HENRY S. MURDOCK. He was on the stage, and it is thought went to his dressing room to save a part of his wardrobe and was caught in the flames.
Shortly before nine o'clock REV. FATHER HANLEY visited the theatre, and among the bodies recognized a brother of REV. FATHER KYLIE, of the Church of the Visitation, at Red Hook Point. FATHER KYLIE was also present, and identified the body of his brother by means of a watch chain found on the person.
Shortly after nine o'clock a body was taken from the ruins, charred and blackened beyond recognition. In the breast pocket of the coat were found a number of cards bearing the name "ABRAHAM BARNETT" in German text.
Bodies are constantly being removed from the ruins and are taken to the Morgue as fast as possible. It is now thought that the number of the dead will mount up to between seventy-five and one hundred. It is rumored that a number of the attaches of the theatre are burned. It seems certain that CHARLES LOTT and his son, who were stationed in the upper gallery, are among the lost.

The following is a list of persons reported missing. How many of them are to be found among the dead is as yet a matter of surmise; that most of them are there it's sad probability:
H. S. MURDOCH, 53 Concord street, actor.
MRS. PHILIP CADMUS, 28, 128 Fifth avenue, unknown.
GEORGE W. CADMUS, 30, 128 Fifth avenue, unknown.
HENRY TREEDON, 23, 112 Myrtle avenue, unknown.
GEORGE FARRELL, 17, 145 Myrtle avenue, unknown.
ANNIE TREMIG, 17, 54 Court street, unknown.
ROSINA FROIDEVAUX, 15, 257 Columbia st., unknown.
JOSEPHINE LUNT, 39, 452 Hart street, unknown.
CHARLES LUNT, 18, 452 Hart street, unknown.
MORRIS SOLOMON, 47, 103 Boerum place, unknown.
PHILIP SOLOMON, 24, 103 Boerum place, unknown.
LENA SOLOMON, 23, 103 Boerum place, unknown.
MARY SOLOMON, 22, 103 Boerum place, unknown.
DEBORAH SOLOMON, 20, 102 Boerum place, unknown.
HUGH DONER, 33, 117 Tillary street, unknown.
NICHOLAS COYLE, 35, Johnson and Duffield streets, unknown.
CHARLES OTIS, 180 Clinton street, broker.
MARGARET LUYDGATE, 48, 1,189 Atlantic avenue, unknown.
ADCLAIDE ROTHWELL, 30, 1,101 Atlantic avenue, unknown.
JOHN _________, 12, 1,191 Atlantic avenue, unknown.
EDWARD BLATTORE, 17, 71 Carlton avenue, unknown.
ANN MARTIN, 59, 37 Lawrence street, unknown.
CAROLINE BERRY, 40, Smith and Livingston streets, unknown.
JAMES DOONAN, 19, Kent and Willoughby avenues, unknown.
JAMES LANGATON, 19, 68 State street, unknown.
F. HAMPSON, 461 Dean street, unknown.
MRS. HAMPSON, 461 Dean street, unknown.
JAS. KERRIGAN, 29, 341 Water street, N. Y., unknown.
ABRAM LOWENTHAL, 18, 203 Fulton street, unknown.
JOHN MAGINNIS, 35, 11 Evans street, pressman.
F. MAGINNIS, unknown.
An Unknown Girl from New Jersey.
THOMAS LAMB, No. 211 Plymouth street.
GUSTAV AURBACK, No. 30 Hudson avenue.
JAMES LENNON, No. 194 John street.
CHARLES K. OTIS, broker, Henry street.
DANIEL STILL, age 19, No. 33 North street, South Brooklyn.
CHARLES BLACKFORD, age 33, wife and child, No. 212 Bridge street.
MICHAEL CONROY, aged 22, No. 256 Plymouth street.
WILLIAM HARTMANN, aged 22, No. 2 Myrtle avenue.
GEORGE STEVENS, aged 15, No. 214 Jay street.
GEORGE FITZGERALD, aged about 15, No. 70 High street.
HARRY WHEEDON, aged 25, No. 112 Myrtle avenue.
EMMA HAEDRACH, 7 years of age.
DORA HAEDRACH, 9 years of age.
LENA PARBAL, servant girl, 16 years of age. The two children above named were with the servant girl. They are the children of WILLIAM HAEDRACH, printer, who resides at the corner of Fulton and Nassau streets.
WILLIAM TURPINGTON, age 18, Fourteenth street and Fifth avenue.
MRS. H. PIERCE, age 44, Duffield street.
CORNELIUS FOLEY, No. 151 Degraw street.
_______ VALDES, age 18, Cuban, No. 62 Fulton street.
_______ ROSSELL, age 22, Cuban, No. 62 Fulton street.
HARRY WEEDEN, age 23, No. 112 Myrtle avenue.
JOHN McGINNISS, age 30, No. 38 Little Water street.
ISAAC LEISLER, aged 19, 362 Atlantic avenue.
JAMES COWAN, aged 21, 197 South Portland avenue.
EDWARD BENTLY, aged 17, 71 Carlton avenue.
THOMAS BOYLE, aged 24, 380 Adams st.
JOHN WOODS, aged 26, 101 Fleet place.
JAMES LEYDEN, aged 25, 199 State street.
ANGUS McCULLOUGH, aged 26, 294 Pacific street.
JOHN McCULLOUGH, aged 22, 294 Pacific street.
DONALD McCULLOUGH, aged 15, 294 Pacific street.
SAMUEL HAWKINS, aged 21, 81 Prince street.
JOHN McGINNIS, aged 35, 11 Evans street.
GEORGE LOGAN, aged 18, 190 Amity street.
HENRY SMIRTZ, aged 15, 289 Court street.
CHARLES SMIRTZ, aged 18, 289 Court street.
MARY MULVANEY, aged 18, 11 Little Water street.
CHARLES WROE, aged 49, 191 Prince street.
CHARLES WRAL, JR., aged 18, 191 Prince street.
CHARLES LOTT, aged 50, 464 Sackett street.
GEORGE LOTT, aged 22, 464 Sackett street.
JAMES CHRISHAM, aged 23, 232 Court street.
STEPHEN MAYHAN, aged 47, 66 Prince street.
DANIEL DAKIN, aged 22, New London.
_______ JACKSON, aged 35, 55 Hicks street.
JAMES CULLEN, aged 14, 41 Amity street.
JAMES McNEIL, aged 20, 160 Myrtle avenue.
JOHN POLLARD, aged 18, Flushing and Grand avenues.
WILLIAM POLLARD, aged 19, Flushing and Grand avenues.
GEORGE McLOUGHLIN, aged 23, 229 Fifteenth street.
JOHN MEWBERRY, aged 25, 285 Centre street.