Long Branch, NY Train Wreck, Jun 1882


Terrible Railroad Accident Near Long Branch.

A Train Filled with Passengers Plunges Into a River – List of the Killed and Wounded – Many Prominent Persons Injured.


Long Branch, June 29. – The express train leaving Long Branch at five minutes past eight this morning, on the New Jersey Central, met with a terrible accident while crossing the bridge over the branch of the Shrewsbury river, near Little Silver Station. The accident was no doubt caused by the spreading of the rails. Six cars, four ordinary passenger coaches, the smoking car and parlor car, left the rails and ran over the ties of the bridge, tearing them to [flinters]. The cars kept on the bridge until the train was half way across, when four passenger coaches and the smoking car went over into the water with a terrible crash. The cars landed on their sides in about four feet of water. The scene that followed

Beggars Description

One unknown man from Ocean Beach was taken out dead. The cars were filled with passengers and the number of the injured is unknown, but there were about one hundred hurt one way or another. Wm. Demorest, of the firm Demorest & Co., Reade street, New York, injured in the base of the spine; will die. Wm. G. Garrison, son of [Commadore] Chas. K. Garrison, terrible hurt in the chest. Charles M. Woodruff, of Newark, and J. Mitchell, of Scranton, are also seriously injured. It is impossible to get the names of the others at present. The physicians from the neighboring towns have been summoned. Chas. H Foster, foreman of the engine, pulled

Ex-President Grant out of the Smoking Car.

Grant was not injured. Robert Robertson, an iron merchant, from New York, was injured badly. A grocer named Edison, of Branchport, was crushed terribly. James Brooks, of the firm of Brooks & Dickson, theatre troupe managers, of new York, collar bone broken. Morris H. Brown, son of Thomas J. Brown, Superintendent of the Eire railway, received a severe blow on the head, and is badly injured. C. J. Fox, of Richmond, Virginia, had his hand crushed. James E. Mallory, of No. 202 Broadway, is so badly crushed that he can not survive.

Further Details.

The dead man has been identified as JAMES L. BRADLEY, a produce dealer of New York.

G. W. DEMOREST is also dead.

President Galloway, of the Elevated Railway, is slightly injured. William R. Garrison has been unconscious since the accident. He is suffering from concussion of the brain. He is at Hollywood park, the residence of John Hoey. George Blanchard, Vice president of the New York, Lake Eire and Western Railroad, Robert B. Minturn, Ex-President Grant and Arthur L. Sewell are slightly injured.

More Deaths Expected.

New York, June 29. – A Long Branch dispatch says: Annie Irwin, of Brooklyn, is seriously hurt and unconscious. Wm. A. McCall, brakeman, was fearfully injured; his throat badly cut. Mr. Mitchell’s condition is precarious from internal injuries; Mr, Woodruff and Mr Mallory are about breathing their last; John T, Raymond, the actor, has his collar bone broken and is otherwise severely injured; Mr Fox, his father-in-law, is badly injured.

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