New York, NY Apartment Fire, Mar 1894


This Started a Fire in the Locked Rooms of Morris Sabol.

People in the yard of 341 East Seventy-fourth Street saw smoke coming from a window on the second floor of the rear house at 7:10 o'clock last evening. The firemen who answered an alarm found the apartments occupied by Morris Sabol, from which the smoke had issued, locked up. The door was broken in and in a bedroom a fire was developing rapidly. The flames were soon put out.

Opposite the bed had been a lamp in a bracket. The bracket broke, the lamp fell out, and rolled under the bed and started the fire.

Morris Sabol, the tenant, was in Harlem, he said, when the fire started. His wife was calling on a neighbor, and his five children were playing in the street. Sabol said his furniture had been damaged to the extent of $300, although the police estimate is $50. The furniture is insured for $500. Assistant Fire Marshal Frank took away the lamp bracket, in which he discovered a rather peculiar flaw.

The New York Times, New York, NY 1 Mar 1894