New York, NY Auto Wrecks, Jul 1920


Marked Decrease in Number of Accidents Reported Up To Midnight


Two Seriously Hurt When Machine Hits Brooklyn Car; Two Policemen Injured.

There was a marked decrease in the number of automobile accidents in the city yesterday, only one death being reported up to last midnight. The police attributed the small number of accidents to the fact that hundreds of thousands of citizens were spending their week-ends at neighboring Summer resorts.

Joseph Williams, 14 years old, of 1.893 First Avenue, died in the Reception Hospital yesterday morning from injuries suffered when struck by an automobile operated by George Costoldi, 20 years old, of 321 West Sixty-seventh Street. Costoldi was held in $5,000 bail on a homicide charge when arraigned before Magistrate Frothingham in the Harlem Court.

Motorcycle Policeman Kiery, who witnessed the accident, told the Magistrate Costoldi was driving recklessly when his machine struck young Williams at First Avenue and Ninety-seventh Street. The boy was thrown fifteen feet, and, the policeman testified, the auto was traveling so fast that Costoldi was unable to stop it until it had passed completely over young Williams's body. The boy's skull was fractured.

Charles Deerheards, 32 years old, of 3,035 Perry Avenue, the Bronx, suffered contusions of the body when the automobile he was driving at Jerome Avenue and 216th Street collided with another machine. He was attended by an ambulance surgeon and went home.

Policeman Rosario Micciacio, 26 years old, of the East 126th Street Station, was thrown from an automobile at First Avenue and 117th Street and injured about the legs and arms. The automobile ran into another car.

William Krueger, 46 years old, of 139 Irving Avenue, and Morris Kantrowitz, 40 years old, a lawyer of 1,113 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, were seriously injured when their automobile collided with a street car at Central and Greene Avenues, Brooklyn. They were taken to the Wyckoff Heights Hospital. Randolph Krueger, a son of the injured man, was summoned to appear in the Brooklyn Traffic Court this morning to face a charge of operating the automobile without a license.

Police Sergeant Charles Daunhauser of the Butler Street Station suffered concussion of the brain when the automobile on which he was riding in Fourth Avenue near 149th Street, Rockaway Beach, was sideswiped by an automobile owned and operated by Emerson Best of 3 Rutland Place, Rockaway Beach. Sergeant Daunhauser was standing on the running board of an automobile owned by Wendel S. Denziger of 142 Globe Avenue, Jamaica, when the accident happened.

While crossing Madison Avenue and 119th Street, Robert Hauser, 9 years old of 71 East 119th Street, was knocked down by an automobile. He was only slightly injured, and went home.

The New York Times, New York, NY 6 Jul 1920