Long Island, NY Auto Wreck, Aug 1911


Youth at Wheel Turned Too Sharply While Speeding on Long Island.

GREENPORT, L. I., Aug. 23.----While making a sharp turn at a high rate of speed to-night an auto owned by Charles Tice of 68 Rutland Road, Brooklyn, and driven by his fifteen year old son, skidded and overturned, throwing out the boy, his mother and sister.

One of Mrs. Tice's arms was broken and she was injured on the head. Her daughter, Gladys Woodruff, was badly bruised and it is feared was hurt internally. Young Tice escaped with slight injuries.

Drs. Hartranft of Southold and Skinner and Loper of Greenport were called, and they had Miss Woodruff taken to the Eastern Long Island Hospital, where her condition was said to be critical.

The accident occurred two miles east of Greenport. Witnesses said Tice was racing with a car owned and driven by E. Trowbridge Hollister of 107 East Sixty-ninth Street, Manhattan, and on reaching his house Tice turned into the driveway, when the front wheels collapsed.

The New York Times, New York, NY 24 Aug 1911