Long Island, NY Catboat Capsizes, Jul 1901


His Three Companions Saved by Two Seamen from the United States Ship Vermont.

The catboat Martha B. upset off Whitestone Point, Long Island Sound, yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock. William Dill, Walter Bowden, Joseph Dettling, and John Alwell, all residents of Middle Village, Queens Borough, were thrown into the water. Dill was drowned.

The young men had been out for a sail and had gone out as far as City Island. They were on their way back to Bowery Bay, when, at the point where the tides of the Sound and the East River meet, their boat was caught in a puff of wind and got away from them. She was then caught in an eddy, and in the efforts of the men to regain control of her she went over.

Dill was caught under the sail, and when the boat sank he was carried down. His three companies were floundering in the water with poor chance of rescue from the shore owing to the distance to be covered by the would-be rescuers. They were saved by Frank A. Gable and Charles Smith, United States sailors now on the Vermont. Gable and Smith had been out sailing a boat, and were near the scene of the accident. They brought their boat about and ran in to the men in the water, dragged them aboard, and landed them at Whitestone.

Three years ago Lighthouse Keeper O'Conner was drowned in almost the very spot where the Martha B. went down, and five years ago a sailing craft with three men and three women was overturned there and five of the party lost their lives.

The New York Times, New York, NY 22 Jul 1901