New York City, NY Lightning Kills Two, Jun 1959


New York (AP) - Lightning bolts killed two children and injured the rest of a picnicking family in Central Park yesterday, while four golfers and a caddy were knocked down by another bolt on a New Jersey course.
The deaths and injuries occurred as a flurry of thundershowers swept parts of the metropolitan area.
When the rain struck near the carousel in Central Park, MRS. ROSE CAPORALE, her four children and their uncle were picnicking.
They ran under a huge oak tree for shelter from the rain, and lightning struck the tree.
ROSLYN, 11, and CHRISTOPHER, 12, were killed, and the others knocked down by the force of the shock.
MRS. CAPORALE and the uncle, NICK KAMBOURAKIS, were kept in a hospital overnight for treatment of severe shock. KAMBOURAKIS also suffered superficial burns about the body.
The two surviving children, less seriously hurt, were later released from the hospital.

The San Bernardino County Sun California 1959-06-07