New York City, NY Auto Crash On Brooklyn Bridge, Feb 1959


New York (UPI) - A speeding car missed a turn at a Brooklyn Bridge exit yesterday, tilted into a picket fence and was sliced open as by a can opener.
Three men and a woman were killed. The fifth passenger, a man, was injured critically.
When a patrolman reached the scene the entire hard top of the 1955 Buick auto was resting on the picket fence, impaled on the pickets were two men's hats and the woman's scarf.
The decapitated car had tipped back on its four wheels and traveled 32 feet beyond its roof, spilling the bodies of the four dead into the roadway. The injured man lay beneath the car.
The roadway was so covered with blood that a sanding crew was called to prevent ambulances and police cars from skidding.
The dead were identified as TOMAS GOMEZ, 30, owner and driver of the car; ANNA MONTANEZ; ELIESAR TOSCANO, all of Brooklyn, and LUIS CURRA TRIGO, whose address was not known.
The critically injured man was identified at Beekman Hospital as JOSE LUIS BRUEL, about 45.
Police said the faces had been torn from two of the dead men by the fence pickets.
The bridge's straight-ahead exit to Broadway is blocked by a wooden barricade marked with 14 flashing red lights. As police reconstructed the accident, the car crossed the bridge at high speed and began too late the sharp right turn to the alternate exit. It skidded into the barricade and bounced from it onto the fence, tilting to the left onto the pickets.

The Troy Record New York 1959-02-24