Watertown, NY Bear Kills Keeper, Jun 1930


(By International News Service).
Watertown, N.Y., June 2. - An enraged female bear, separated from its mate, killed its keeper here today when the man opened the cage door at the city zoo to feed it.
Loping up to the door when EMERSON E. JOYCE, 45, opened it to give the bear its first meal of the day, the animal struck the keeper in the head and dragged him into the cage.
JOYCE'S cry brought Grover Brenon, superintendent of the zoo.
By this time, the bear was tossing the keeper around the cage. Two patrolmen succeeded in forcing the bear into a corner of the cage with long poles and carried JOYCE from the enclosure.
He was taken to the Mercy Hospital but doctors said that the first blow from the bear was fatal.

The Kane Republican Pennsylvania 1930-06-02