Long Island, NY Gardiners Island Lighthouse Destroyed by Storm, Feb 1894


Keeper Miller's Son Killed --- Structure Long Known to be Unsafe.

GREENPORT, L. I., Feb., 28.--The lighthouse on Gardiner's Island was destroyed during the storm Monday and FRANK MILLER, son of Keeper Jonathan Miller, was crushed to death. There is no telegraphic communication with the island, and news of the accident was brought here by a passing vessel this afternoon.

The lighthouse has been for the last year or so considered unsafe. Several complaints have been made to the authorities at Washington, but they have done nothing. Jonathan Miller of Springs has been in charge of the lighthouse for about a year, his predecessor having resigned on account of the dangerous condition of the building.

It is said that Keeper Miller would not permit his family to live in the lighthouse this Winter on account of its condition, and that he and his son Frank were the only ones who resided there.

The Gardiner's Island Lighthouse was built entirely of stone. It was situated on a long point of land which extends far into Gardiner's Bay. Nearly two years ago the point of land was cut nearly in two by the heavy seas. The inlet widened, until this Winter the lighthouse stood on a small island by itself. Several times this Winter the lighthouse had been completely surrounded by water and the angry waves had washed against the heavy stone masonry.

Old seamen who are familiar with the situation of the lighthouse do not express any surprise at the collapse of the structure.

The New York Times, New York, NY 1 Mar 1894