Brooklyn, NY Shadbolt Mfg Fire, Feb 1902


Fire in Brooklyn Causes a Property Loss of $300,000.

NEW YORK, Feb. 9.---An official estimate of the damage done by the fire which destroyed the plant of the Shadbolt Manufacturing Co. in Brooklyn early this morning fixes the loss at $300,000. Fourteen people who were injured by falling debris were taken to the hospitals and a number of others were attended by ambulance physicians on the spot.

The list of the more seriously injured follows:

Patrick Nevins, superintendent of the repair shop of the Brooklyn branch of the fire department.
Edward Treuer.
William Moran.
George Conran, fireman of engine No. 110.
Captain Oswald, aid to Fire Chief Croker.
Joseph Kelley.
Louis Jerosky.
Roundsman Henry J. R. Taber.
Peter F. Martin.
Edward Hobby.
William Moore.
John Reilly.
Joseph Kelley.
Stephen Delap.

The loss to the Shadbolt company is given at $250,000, fully covered, it is said, by insurance.

This loss includes the building and the stock of wagons and carriages manufactured by the company.

The total loss to several other buildings in the vicinity is placed at $50,000.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 9 Feb 1902



My great grandfather Daniel Rowley Schoonover was an employee at the time of the fire. He talks about it in a short biography he wrote for his daughter, my grandmother. I have the original manuscript.