New York, NY LaGuardia Airport Bombing, Dec 1975

LaGuardia Airport Bombing, Dec 1975

The 1975 LaGuardia Airport bombing occurred at 6:33 pm on Monday, December 29, 1975, near the TWA baggage reclaim terminal in LaGuardia Airport in East Elmhurst, New York City. The blast killed 11 and seriously injured 74. The bombing was never solved, with several suggested perpetrators, although investigators and historians believe that Croatian nationalists were the most likely. The attack occurred in a four-year period of heightened terrorist attacks within the United States. 1975 was especially volatile, with bombings in New York City and Washington D.C. early that year and two assassination attempts on US President Gerald Ford.

The bomb exploded at approximately 6.33 pm on December 29 in the TWA baggage reclaim area in the central terminal. The equivalent of 25 sticks of dynamite was believed by investigators to have been placed in a coin-operated locker located next to the carousels in the baggage reclaim area. The bomb blew the lockers apart, causing shrapnel to fly across the room; the shrapnel was responsible for all 11 deaths and injuring several others. Others were injured by shards of glass broken off the terminal's plate glass windows. The force of the bomb ripped a 10 foot by 15 foot hole in the 8-inch reinforced concrete ceiling of the baggage reclaim area. The subsequent fire in the terminal took over an hour to get under control.

The death toll could have been much worse if the area had not been largely clear of passengers at the time; two flights from Cincinnati and Indianapolis had arrived about 6.00pm and most of the passengers on these flights had already left the area. Most of the dead and injured were airport employees, people waiting for transport, and limo drivers.

The LaGuardia Airport bomb, at the time, was the single most deadly attack by a non-state actor ever to occur on American soil since the Bath School Bombings, which killed 44 people in 1927. It was the deadliest attack in New York City since the Wall Street Bombing of 1920, which killed 38, until the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001. - wikipedia