New York, NY Actor Tripped Over Rope, Jan 1915


Sculptor Sues Auto Company for $15,000 Damages.

William Ordway Partridge, the sculptor and author, was passing through Forty-ninth Street on the evening of Jan. 15, last, and between Sixth and Seventh Avenues the Peugeot Auto Company was dragging an automobile into its garage. Mr. Partridge tripped over the rope and fell. He severely injured his right hand and arm and strained his right side. He also brought suit in the Supreme Court against the auto company for $15,000 damages.

Mr. Partridge is 55 yers[sic] old. He was first an actor, and played in Wallack's Theatre in David Copperfield and other plays, and then went to Rome where he was a pupil of Pio Weloski, the Russian sculptor. He made the statue of Thomas Jefferson that stands in front of the School of Journalism at Columbia University. For this he received $25,000.

For the village of Chappaqua he made a statue of Horace Greeley and was engaged to make a figure of Samuel J. Tilden for which $38,000 was set aside by Mr. Tilden's will. The Trustees failed to agree upon a site and so the work has not been done. Mr. Partridge has written several books of prose and verse.

The New York Times, New York, NY 7 Jun 1915