Long Island, NY Auto Accident, Aug 1903


Mr. and Mrs. Gould Drive Machine Into a Horse.

Animal Is Killed and the Goulds Pitched Headlong to the Ground, Sustaining Injuries That Are Thought To Be Fatal.

New York, August 8.---Charles A. Gould, son of the millionaire car-coupling manufacturer, and his wife have been thrown from their automobiles in front of their country home at Bay Side, L. I. Three doctors were in attendance at 3 o'clock but the couple had not regained consciousness and it is feared that they will not recover. It is thought that no bones were broken, but that they suffer from internal injuries of a very serious nature.

The Goulds occupy a handsome home just outside of Bay Side on the Bell road. Mrs. Gould is the daughter of Richard M. Bell, an old and wealthy resident of the town. They started out alone in their big gasoline touring car, Mr. Gould running the machine. They covered many miles along the moonlit roads and started to return home shortly before midnight. They were descending a long hill, which terminates in a turn in front of their home. The road seemed clear and Gould was giving the machine full speed down the decline.

Just as they got to the curve, which is but alight, a horse that had apparently escaped from a nearby pasture jumped out into the road directly in front of the car. There was no chance of escape. The big machine hit the horse, killing it instantly. The automobile jumped over the horse's body and the collision pitched Mr. Gould and his wife headlong to the road. They struck the ground with great force and lay unconscious. Mr. Gould had shut off the power when he saw the danger, but the automobile was carried half way up an opposite hill by the momentum before it came to a stop. Nearby is the home of John W. Harway. That family heard the screams of Mrs. Gould followed by the crash, and ran out. They carried the unconscious people into the house and summoned physicians. Despite the efforts of the latter, the Goulds showed no signs of recovering two hours later.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 9 Aug 1903