Staten Island, NY School Bus and Train Collision, Nov 1960


New York, Nov. 8 - (AP) - A grand jury investigation has been ordered in a commuter train-school bus crash which killed a little girl and injured 44 other pupils.
The bus, jammed with 51 youngsters ranging in age from five to eight, was rammed by the train at a Staten Island Rapid Transit crossing yesterday.
Police said the crossing had been condemned.
"I was blinded by the sun," and couldn't hear the train because of the shouting, laughing children, said the bus driver, EDWARD HALLOWELL, 40.
The train smashed into the rear section of the bus, knocking it on its side.

Crawl From Bus.
Sobbing, hysterical children, many bloodied from injuries, crawled from the overturned bus, assisted by police and other rescuers.
Fatally injured was CAROLINE TARR, seven-years-old.
In critical condition at Richmond Memorial Hospital were:
ANITA BARRETTA, six years old.
JOSEPH KRAKOWER, six years old.
RUTH LAVOUERE, seven years old.
Fifteen other children were hospitalized.
Police said a warning bell and flashing red light were operating at the crossing. The bus stopped, then proceeded across the tracks.
The train, with eight passengers, was en route from Tottenville to St. George, a 15-mile run on Staten Island. None of the passengers was hurt.
A Richmond County (Staten Island) grand jury last December filed a report urging that all such crossings be eliminated immediately. But the Transit System, operated by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, had been granted an extension of time to erect protective gates, police said.
Dist. Atty. John M. Braisted said the bus accident would be referred to a new grand jury, which is being convened now.

Bridgeport Post Connecticut 1960-11-08